STM Micro Credit and Multipurpose:

1. You can operate the software on unlimited workstations under your Local Area Network (LAN).

2. It supports the requirements of Multi-Purpose Credit Co-operative Society Organizations.

3. Extremely user-friendly interface.

4. Administrator can selectively choose access rights for individual users.

5. Uses modern client-server model.

6. Per copy license.

7. It has built in accounting features that will support all your financial accounting management needs.


1.  Task

  • Organization Info
  • Region Info
  • Branch Info
  • Unit Info
  • Field Officer
  • Supervisor
  • Group Number
  • Commission Rate
  • Account Type
  • Voucher Type
  • Particulars

2.  Accounts

  • Book of Accounts
  • Opening Balance
  • Vouchers
  • Journal View
  • Posting

3.   Micro Credit

  • Member Info
  • Share Info
  • Guarantor Info
  • Account Info (DPS, Savings, MSP etc.)
  • Loan Info (Straight Line And Reducing Balance)
  • Loan Installment Receive (Individual/FO wise)
  • Savings (Individual/FO Wise)
  • Withdrawals (From Current Account)
  • Yearly interest calculation of current account.
  • Account Closing with interest calculation.
  • Account wise Penalty
  • Loan Penalty
  • Pass Book Info


List of Reports (Output) would be available as below:

Micro Credit:

  1. Individual Member Profile.
  2. Region/Branch/Unit/Group/FO/FS wise Member info in a date range.
  3. Region/Branch/Unit/Group/Member/Account Type/FO/FS wise Account info in a date range.
  4. Region/Branch/Unit/Group/Member /Account Type/Account/FO/FS wise Account Status in a date range.
  5. Region/Branch/Unit/Group/Loan Type/FO/FS wise Loan info in a date range.
  6. Region/Branch/Unit/Group/Loan Type/Loan/FO/FS wise Loan Status in a date range.
  7. Region/Branch/Unit/Group/Member /Account Type/Account/FO/FS wise Savings in a date range.
  8. Region/Branch/Unit/Group/Member /Loan/FO/FS wise Installment Received in a date range.
  9. Region/Branch/Unit/Group/Member /Account Type/Account/FO/FS wise Withdrawal in a date range.
  10. Region/Branch/Unit/Group/Member/Account Type/Account/FO/FS wise closed Account info in a date range.
  11. Region/Branch/Unit/Group/Member/Account Type/Account/FO/FS/Interest Rate wise Due Interest of Accounts.

*** All reports can be graphically represented.


  1. Region/Branch/Unit wise Chart Of Accounts.
  2. Region/Branch/Unit/Account Head/Type/Status wise Journal info in a date range.
  3. Region/Branch/Unit/Account Head FS wise Ledger Info in a date range.
  4. Region/Branch/Unit/Account Head FS wise Bank Statement in a date range.
  5. Region/Branch/Unit wise Trial Balance in a date range.
  6. Region/Branch/Unit wise Receipt Payment in a date range.
  7. Region/Branch/Unit wise Income Expenditure in a date range.
  8. Region/Branch/Unit wise Balance Sheet in a date range.
  9. Region/Branch/Unit wise Notes (A/C Receivables, A/C Payables, Cash, Bank, Others) in a date range.
  10. Region/Branch/Unit wise Top Sheet (Asset, Liabilities, Income, Expenditure and Reimbursement) in a date range.
  11. Region/Branch/Unit wise Top Opening Balance.

*** All reports can be converted with other office applications, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF, etc.

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