STM ProLC Product Specification:


1. You can operate the software on unlimited workstations under your Local Area Network (LAN).

2. It supports the requirements of LC Management of any Garments.

3. Extremely user-friendly interface.

4. Administrator can selectively choose access rights for individual users.

5. Uses modern client-server model.

6. Per copy license.

7. The system supports multiple Companies



1.  Export LC

  • All order details information
  • Buyer, Buying House, Factory Information
  • All commitions information
  • BTB & PC Percentage
  •  LC Status information

2.  Amendment of Export LC

  • Amendment description & date
  • Keep Previous History of a Export LC

3.   Standard costing process

4.   Proforma Invoice (PI) Details Information

5.   Back To Back LC

  • All PI Of a BTB
  • All show BTB balance

6.   Amendment of BTB LC with Previous History

7.   Acceptance of BTB LC & Payment in Maturity Date

8.    LC Loan

  • PC & SOD Loan Receive
  • PC & SOD Loan Allocation

9.    Export

  • Shipment mode in Sea or Air
  • Order details information for export

10.   Export Realization & Purchase

  • Invoice wise  Realization & Purchase
  • Realization Allocation

List of Reports (Output) would be available as below:

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